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New album coming soon

The Response have been working away on a new album, releasing singles and videos over the past year or so. Keep your eyes and ears peeled.

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Albums and EPs


The Response Discography includes:
Singles: Over The Moon (2023), The Perfect Life (2022), Circles Within Circles (2022), Stuck In Your Head (2022), 40,000 Day And Night (2021), New Pair Of Pants / Coming Collapse (2020), All Of My Flaws (2020), Faded Paper (2019), Picture Undefined (2019), Tallest Walls (2019), Practical (2018), Only In The Night (2018), Holding Out For Something (2017) Hours (2016), You Wanted To Go (2015)
Albums: Escaping This Cold Rotation (2019), North Of Nowhere (2014), Familiar Ache (2013), The Response (2012)
EPs: Open Doors (2019, India & South Asia only), Little Worlds (2018), What Are You Waiting For? (2017), Escape To This (2015), Enough For Them (2014), 48 Hour EP (2012)


Escaping This Cold Rotation is a full length album from New Zealand alternative pop duo The Response. Recorded between Vancouver and their home of New Zealand the album’s fifteen tracks explore the cyclical nature of human thought through adversity while digging deeper into the electronic textures and energetic percussion that have become the duo’s signature. Early singles ‘Tallest Walls’ and ‘Practical’ have drawn comparisons to Broods, Mura Masa and The 1975.
The album is bookended by the minimalistic tracks ‘Analyse’ and ‘Tell Me When You Know It’s Right’, the former expressing the need to break the cycle and the later concluding that the answer is outside of yourself. Lyrically and sonically the remainder of the alt pop tracks explore the duality that exists in emotion and circumstance. At the centre sits ‘Split In Two’, which divides the album into two halves that mirror each other.

RELEASE: 6 December, 2019

Open Doors EP

Open Doors is a limited release EP by The Response through Mumbai based record label 9122 Records. Available in India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Maldives, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Nepal.

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  1. The Perfect Life
  2. Circles Within Circles
  3. Victoria (Exponents Cover)
  4. Stuck In Your Head
  5. Hollow Branches
  6. 40,000 Day and Night
  7. New Pair Of Pants (Coming Collapse)
  8. All Of My Flaws
  9. Escaping This Cold Rotation
  10. Faded Paper
  11. Picture Undefined
  12. Tallest Walls
  13. Practical
  14. Little Worlds
  15. What Are You Waiting For?
  16. Holding Out For Something
  17. Hours
  18. You Wanted to Go
  19. Escape to this 
    The Response and American French Fries
  20. North of Nowhere
  21. Familiar Ache
  22. You’re Not Alone
  23. The Response
  24. North is False (The Response Remix) 
    Speak Softly
  25. While he waits (Lockjaw Cover)
  26. 48 Hour EP
  27. Be Mayan